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Short film

Directed by Carin Leong

Produced by Carin Leong, Martin Loh, James Qui, Jacob Fertig & Jaydn Ray Gosselin

Executive Produced by Charlotte Cook


Edited by Jaydn Ray Gosselin

Distributed by Field of Vision

Singapore, USA


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SANDCASTLES parallels two Singapores: one in Southeast Asia, and one buried on the western coast of Michigan. On top of sharing the same name, these two places also share a fraught relationship with sand.

Singapore, Michigan was a thriving lumber town in the late 19th century until erosion from mass deforestation caused the sand dunes around it to shift and swallow the town whole. Just as quickly as Singapore, Michigan disappeared under sand, its namesake in the East emerged from it through land reclamation.

The film weaves a narrative that intertwines the two Singapores to depict the temporal nature of human edifices built on and destroyed by nothing more than sand.

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