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Year of the Ox《牛转乾坤》

Short film

Directed by Carin Leong & Jacob Fertig

Produced by Carin Leong, Jacob Fertig & Madeline Chen

Executive Produced by Jaydn Ray Gosselin

Presented by New York Magazine's The Cut


New York


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Manhattan’s historic Chinatown has survived crashes, recessions, depressions, terrorist attacks, hurricanes, floods, and fires. But there was something pointed about the Coronavirus pandemic that targeted this community.


It brought to light the xenophobia in American society and many outdated, unsustainable business practices endemic in the neighborhood.

What does it mean when old-school charm, Chinatown’s greatest asset, becomes a threat to its survival?

Featuring Karho Leung (Founder, 12 Pell), Joanne Kwong (President, Pearl River Mart), Wilson Tang (CEO, Nom Wah), Jennifer Tam (Co-Founder, Welcome to Chinatown), and the New York Freemasons Athletic Club.

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